Products & Services

Accounting & Tax

At Hartwell & Company, we are more than just accountants; we are tax planners. Our process works to examine your situation and identify tax savings opportunities that may exist for you.

Our team has a great work ethic, paying close attention to detail to ensure that each client receives the best outcome possible. Our dedication to a process that works is the number one reason why we see clients return to us year after year.

Financial Planning

At Hartwell & Company, we have invested time and research into developing a process that is replicable to each clients’ unique situation. By getting to know you, understanding your DNA (the distinctive characteristics that drive you), and what your goals are for the future, we can integrate that knowledge with our financial planning tools to engage you in our process.

One thing that we truly value is client customization, is having an intimate knowledge of both the tax and financial planning disciplines. Jim Hartwell believes this is what helps us deliver the most powerful, effective insight for each client that we serve.

Our process may not be the right fit for everyone, but in a world that is constantly changing, our process consistently delivers results that leave our clients feeling energized and confident about their future.