Life & Money: The Only Goal That Matters

June 03, 2022

We are really bad at knowing what we actually want.

In fact, we learn what we want by watching other people. First, by seeing what our parents, siblings, and peers want, followed, eventually, by what people on social media want.

We co-opt other people’s goals because it’s very hard to get clear about our own goals.

You know how this plays out, right?

You hear your wealthy uncle talking about how important it is to own municipal bonds, so you think you should go buy municipal bonds, too.

You hear about all the cool kids investing in startups and all the fancy people buying Teslas. Maybe you should do that too.

There's an old saying: we spend money we don't have to buy things we don't want to impress people we don't even like. Here's the thing: nothing anyone else owns, wants, or does, has anything to do with you. Because they aren't you.

You, and only you, are you. And for that reason, the only goal that matters when it comes to your money is your own.