James V. Hartwell CPA, CFP

President and Founder

Jim was born in Washington D.C., but grew up mostly in suburban Chicago, where his Dad pastored a church. He is one of six kids and the youngest boy in his family. One of Jim’s first jobs was tending balls at a driving range. He thought it was quite hilarious that golfers would take aim at his cart as he drove around the range collecting the balls. Jim met his wife, Dawn, while attending Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. They settled in Dawn’s hometown of St. Joseph, where they raised four kids together. Jim and Dawn currently reside in Paw Paw. Jim has long loved to be outdoors, and enjoys staying fit through biking and running. He has competed in several marathons and raced bicycles for both sport and pleasure. Jim is truly a kid at heart; he loves celebrating his birthday and shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July. When he’s not in the office, Jim can be found reading, riding his bike, or spending time Dawn and the kids. He is a proud grandpa to two wonderful grandchildren, and very blessed by his entire family.